Exquisite Circular Decoration Engraved with Spider A1 Laser Engraving Machine

This stunning piece showcases the exceptional precision and versatility of the Spider A1. From the finest details to intricate patterns, the Spider A1 leaves no room for imperfections. Your eyes will be captivated by the intricate designs that grace the curved surface of this circular decoration.


Laser head: 10w
Cutting power: 100%
Cutting speed: 400mm/min
Working mode: line
Material: Basswood board
Thickness: 3mm

Laser head: 10w
Cutting power: 40%
Cutting speed: 1000mm/min
Working mode: line
Material: color card
Thickness: 0.25

Discover the enchantment that awaits you as you behold the exquisite circular decoration engraved with the Spider A1 laser engraving machine. Step into a world where imagination knows no bounds and beauty knows no limits.

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