Crafting a Chessboard with Spider X1S: Aluminum Composite Board and Laser-Cut Pieces

Today, we’re excited to showcase a unique chessboard crafted using our Spider X1S laser engraving machine. Made from aluminum composite board, this chessboard features precision-cut pieces created with templates. Below, you’ll find the relevant parameters and files for download, allowing you to embark on your own chessboard-making journey.


Laser head: 10w
Engraving speed: 3000mm/min
Engraving power: 35%
Working mode: fill
Material: Aluminum Composite Board

Laser-Cut Pieces


Laser head: 10w
Cutting speed 1: 200mm/min
Cutting power 1: 100%
Engraving speed: 4000mm/min
Engraving power: 60%
Working mode: line, offset filling
Material: Basswood board 3mm

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