Make A Three-dimensional Wooden House as Decoration!

It is often believed that putting cottage-like decorations in a room can add warmth to a room, and if you don’t already have such decorations in your room, it would be a good choice to make one yourself. If you own our product Spider X1, you can make a beautiful 3D wooden house with just a few simple steps.


About Spider X1, you can know more details from Kickaterter.

Equipment: Spider X1 10W
Engraving format: 800mm-1400mm(extension frame*2)
Product size: 800mm*600mm
Board thickness: 3mm
Board Type: PLY Wood
Engraving speed: 230mm/min(cutting),3000mm/min(engraving)
Power: 100%(cutting),30%(engraving)
Air assist: 15L/min (our air assist)

At the bottom of this page, you can download the GCode file that we have preset for you, and the original LightBurn file is also included in the compressed package (The version of LightBurn we are using is 1.4, you can also use “.dxf” files if you cannot open “.Ibrn2” files). The effect picture in LightBurn and the actual cutting effect is as follows:


Three-dimensional Wooden House

Actual cutting effect

Once the machine is done running, you’re ready to start assembling!


You can also paint in your favorite color.

You can also watch our instructional video:

If you would like to know more about Spiderlasers, you can click here to visit their website.

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