Children’s Furniture Which Can Made by Spider X1-Children’s table and chairs.

Generally, the height of tables and chairs is not suitable for the height of many children, which is a headache for many parents. That being the case, a set of desks and chairs for children is very necessary. Then let us use Spider X1 to make a set of desks and chairs suitable for children.


About Spider X1, you can know more details from Kickaterter.

Extendable Y-Axis | Expandable X-Axis for Larger Formats Engraving & Cutting | Easy-to-Carry | Space-Saving

Equipment: Spider X1 20W
Engraving format: 800mm-1400mm (extension frame*2)
Product size: 800mm*430mm
Board thickness: 8mm(chairs),10mm(table)
Board Type: Household Plywood
Engraving speed: 200mm/min,
Power: 100%
Air assist: 40L/min (550W air compressor)

At the bottom of this page, you can download the GCode file that we have preset for you, and the original LightBurn file is also included in the compressed package (The version of LightBurn we are using is 1.4, you can also use “.dxf” files if you cannot open “.Ibrn2” files). The effect picture in LightBurn and the actual cutting effect is as follows:


chair 1


chair 2


table part 1


table part 2


Actual cutting effect

After the machine cutting is complete, follow the steps below for final processing:

1. Sand the edges with sandpaper.
2. Assemble according to the holes on the parts.
3. Coloring with acrylic paint
4. Fix with carpentry screws. Then you finally complete the table and chairs!

You can also watch our instructional video:

If you would like to know more about Spiderlasers, you can click here to visit their website.

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