Creating Large-scale Collage Artworks with Spider X1

Collage art is a unique form of artistic expression that achieves a three-dimensional effect through layering. By utilizing the engraving technology of the Spider X1 device, we can create stunning large-scale collage artworks. This article will guide you through the process of using the Spider X1 device, selecting appropriate materials and parameters, and provide an example of the creative process.

1. Equipment and Material Preparation:

Device: Spider X1
Engraving size: 800mm-2000mm
Laser power: 20W
Drawing size: 800mm*800mm
Finished product size: 750mm*750mm
Thickness: 6mm
Material: Corrugated cardboard


2. Engraving Parameter Settings:

Speed: 1000mm/min
Power: 100%
Air assist: 15L/min

3. Example of the Creative Process:

After the engraving is complete, clean it thoroughly.

Then, use spray paint to color it.

After coloring, choose a suitable framing method to ensure the stability and aesthetics of the artwork.


With the Spider X1 device, suitable materials, and parameters, creating large-scale collage artworks becomes an effortless task. This detailed guide, along with an example of the creative process, aims to assist readers in their own artistic endeavors and inspire further creative inspiration. So go ahead and create, the art is yours to explore!


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