Halloween Ghost Themed Tissue Box Crafted with Spider X1 Laser Engraver

In the spirit of the Halloween season, we present to you a unique and whimsical tissue box design – the Halloween Ghost Themed Tissue Box, created using the Spider X1 Laser Engraver. With this laser engraver, we have brought forth a distinctive decoration that adds humor and enchantment to your home.


Material: Plywood, 3mm thickness

Board size: 425mm*270mm


Lightburn parameters for cutting:

Speed: 400mm/min

Power: 100%

Working mode: Line


(Note: GC file includes all the board pieces with a size of 425mm*270mm.)


The Halloween Ghost Themed Tissue Box not only brings a festive atmosphere to your home but also serves as a unique and special gift that delights and surprises you, your family, and friends during the Halloween season. Whether placed in the living room, bedroom, or on a desk, it grabs attention, showcasing creativity and amusement.


This Halloween Ghost Themed Tissue Box is the perfect choice if you seek a distinctive decoration to celebrate Halloween. With innovative technology and exquisite craftsmanship from the Spider X1 Laser Engraver, we provide you with a one-of-a-kind Halloween decoration that showcases your love and creativity for this holiday.

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