Large format laser engraving, I like it very much

The large working format of the SpiderX1 was a huge surprise, it made my creations even more impressive, and I also found a very cheap and fast implementation.
1. Prepare a large enough corrugated cardboard, I found it is 90cm-150cm
2. Use LightBurn to set the format 80cm-200cm, and import the DXF file
3. The graphics are big enough, I am 80cm-46cm.
4. After my test, the engraving parameters can be set to 1000mm/min, and the power is set to 100% (I am a 20W laser). It can be done in about 6 minutes, very fast, I like it very much
5. After finishing, spray black paint on the surface. It is more convenient to use self-drawing. After drying, my creations are ready. I never thought my job could be done so easily and quickly. this is great

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