Halloween Square Pumpkin Lantern Carved with Spider X1

Every year, at the end of October, people around the world celebrate a mysterious and fun-filled holiday – Halloween. It’s a special day when people dress up in various costumes and rejoice. One essential element of Halloween is the pumpkin lantern. Today, I want to introduce you to a creatively designed pumpkin lantern – the Halloween Square Pumpkin Lantern carved with Spider X1.

Material: Plywood, 3mm thickness

Board size: 480mm*300mm


Lightburn parameters for cutting:

Laser head: 20W

Speed: 400mm/min

Power: 100%

Working mode: Line


(Note: GC file includes all the board pieces with a size of 480mm*300mm.)


The Halloween Square Pumpkin Lantern, carved with Spider X1, is an innovative creation that redefines the traditional pumpkin lantern’s shape and design. With the exceptional carving capabilities and creative thinking of Spider X1, this lantern becomes a more unique and personalized Halloween decoration. As Halloween approaches, let us appreciate and experience the distinctive Halloween Square Pumpkin Lantern, adding freshness and excitement to the festivities.

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