Festive Delights: The Spider X1 Laser-Engraved Christmas Gingerbread Man

During the holiday season, decorations take on a special significance, and what better way to celebrate the festive cheer than with a classic Christmas symbol – the gingerbread man? In a modern twist, the Spider X1 series laser engraving machine has breathed new life into this timeless delight by creating an exquisite wooden gingerbread man that adds a touch of warmth and tradition to any home.

Laser equipment: Spider X1S 20w
Power: 100%
Cutting speed: 400mm/min
Working mode: line
Material: Basswood board
Thickness: 3mm

Thanks to the Spider X1 series laser engraving machine, the wooden gingerbread man is no longer limited to the realm of imagination but is now a tangible reality. Embrace the spirit of the season and adorn your home with this delightful wooden gingerbread man to celebrate the magic of Christmas.

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